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In this process, we inspect the site for necessary external and internal repairs, with the society’s representative present to assess and calculate the required quantities.

The  internal   survey  will  be  carried   form   flat   to  flat  by   knocking   hammer   of   each   RCC  member  viz. (column, beam  & slab) to  check  the  extent of  distress  structural  members  &  seepage/leakage  inside the flats from external surface  as  well  as from  terrace/w.c/bath/kitchen areas. During  this  the  defects  observed  in  each  flats  shall  be  mark  in  the  observation  sheet  flat wise.


The  external  survey  will  be carried  out  for  noting  down  the  defects  in  original  construction &  there  after due  to  improper  maintenance of  the  building. And  its need  for  repair  for  various  structural  repairs, plastering, plumbing, terrace water proofing, o/h tank  &  other  allied  works.


During  the  course  of  survey, if  felt  necessary  the  society  shall  advise to  carry  out  ultra  pulse  velocity  &  rebound  hammer   test   to  check, as whether  there  is  any  possible  internal  cracking, honey combing  or  voids  in  concrete. To assess the quality control of construction. Charges for the same shall be separate.


All  the  necessary  measurement  will  be  taken  during  the  survey  work.

The detail  report  stating  the  necessary  remedial  measures  to  be  carried  out  will  be  submitted  for  various  activities.

Estimates  for  all  the  necessary  item  of  work  will  be  prepared  and  proper  B.O.Q   of   the  same  shall  be  submitted  based  on  the  prevailing  workable  market  rate.